Short and Sweet




【新形式問題対応】TOEIC L & Rテスト800点攻略ルールブック

【新形式問題対応】TOEIC L & Rテスト800点攻略ルールブック



以下、Unit1 Part3の内容をまとめたものとその感想を、「自分のために」残す。

 A woman asked Vince if he would like to watch the hockey game this Friday. She was planing to go and she's already bought the ticket, but it turned out to be impossible because of her cousin’s wedding. Unfortunately Vince has a plan, too. He'll have to work late on that day to prepare for the weekend’s workshop. So Vince suggested that she simply return the ticket to the box office and exchange it for another game. But it’s not the option this time because it is the last game of the season. Then he advised her to look for somebody else who likes hokey like Tellesa.